Is Cabo or Tulum Better?

Cabo San Lucas and Tulum are two of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and luxurious amenities. Whether you’re seeking a lively beach getaway or a serene escape, the choice between these two destinations can be a tough one. Let’s dive into the details and explore […]

Cabo Luxury Villa Family Vacations: Maximizing Your Taste of Paradise With Fun Beach Activities

Close your eyes and imagine this: you’re lounging on a pristine beach, the soft white sand between your toes. The kids are splashing in the crystal-clear turquoise waters, their laughter carried by the gentle ocean breeze. You take a sip of your ice-cold margarita, feeling the warmth of the Baja sun on your skin.  This […]

Tips & Secrets of the One and Only Palmilla Beach

A beach vacation at the One and Only Palmilla screams summer. This destination is practically what every traveler’s dreams are made of. What could be better than soft beach sand, shaded palms, a nice drink, and warm surf? While beach holidays are often associated with families, they are also ideal for romantic getaways, travels with […]

Palmilla Cabo Real Estate Guide & Tips

Looking for a magnificent waterfront house in an opulent resort neighborhood? Look no further. Some of the most luxurious residences on the planet are in Palmilla. The unique gated community in Palmilla boasts all the features and facilities one could ask for in a home by the sea. Due to their success as holiday rental […]

Is Cabo nice for a honeymoon?

What does a honeymoon and Cabo San Lucas have in common? Enchantment! And beguilement and intoxication all at once. Those wonderful and wild and over the top feelings you get when you know you’re getting married. The ones that leave you stunned, astonished, and amazed when you think about your new life ahead. Make your […]

Palmilla Cabo Restaurant Guide

Come and get it! Don’t forget to bring your camera, swimwear, and a lot of appetite when visiting Los Cabos. When it comes to hunger, you should definitely sample some of Los Cabos’ fine dining. You’ll discover a stylish culinary scene with a lot more options than just tacos and other typical Mexican food. Cabo […]

Cabo San Lucas Must See Hiking Trails

In Cabo San Lucas, a stroll along the shore is undoubtedly wonderful, but a hike in the desert is just as incredible. In wintertime, when temperatures are pleasant in the 70s, it is the perfect time to go hiking in the desert. Baja California Sur can be hiked in the summer, although the ideal time […]

Best Cabo Snorkeling Spots

Why not include snorkeling on your itinerary if you’re traveling to Cabo San Lucas? Swimming on one of Cabo’s fantastic beaches is just one thing. However, if you want to have a genuinely extraordinary experience, try snorkeling in Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is surrounded on one side by the stunning Sea of Cortez – which […]

Best Traditional Dishes & Food in Cabo San Lucas

There are countless ways to enjoy Cabo San Lucas, including diving into the Sea of Cortez, paragliding over the ocean and desert, playing golf on one of the many exquisite courses that are bordered by the ocean and the desert, or perhaps trying the local cuisine because, as the saying goes, the best way to […]

Cabo San Lucas Event Planners

Event planners organize all facets of business meetings and events. They usually decide where to have meetings, plan transportation, and organize a lot of other details. Often referred to as a meeting and/or convention planner, an event planner should not be mistaken with a wedding planner. Whether it’s a corporate convention, educational conference, meeting, or […]