Cabo Proposal Ideas: Best Romantic Places to Propose in Los Cabos

Cabo Proposal Ideas: Best Romantic Places to Propose in Los Cabos

What makes Los Cabos the ideal place to propose? Is it because this Mexican paradise offers numerous exquisite settings and breathtaking backdrops that many couples from all over the world find most romantic?

Or is it the fact that these couples have a special connection to Los Cabos? Who knows, maybe this was where they spent an unforgettable vacation weekend together, or they met on a beach here, or their families owned villas nearby. But it’s obvious that this region of Baja California appeals to their souls.

By using our knowledgeable staff‘s local expertise as well as the wedding planners’ innovative proposal and location ideas, we hope to inspire other soon-to-be engaged couples to follow in their footsteps.

Best Locations to Propose in Los Cabos

Whether your choice of proposal location is super-romantic, eccentric and one-of-a-kind, or private and personal, we have some wonderful recommendations for you. The top spots to propose in Cabo San Lucas are highlighted here along with some of our favorite marriage proposal ideas.

Cabo Beach Proposal

Whether it’s Medano Beach, Santa Maria Beach, or the more stunning Costa Azul Beach, Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its gorgeous beaches.

The most frequented beach in Cabo is Medano Beach. There are numerous restaurants and cantinas with palapa roofs in the area, along with many lavish high-rise resorts. It offers breath-taking views of the Sea of Cortez and its tranquil ocean waves.

Through a message written in the sand, propose on the beach. Bonus points if you drew a heart around your request and embellished it with flowers and shells. When you return from a snorkeling adventure in the quiet, clear seas that are teeming with tropical fish, perhaps your message in the sand will already be waiting there.

Scuba-Diving Proposal

Explore its stunning underwater environment and be captivated by the marine life that resides in Los Cabos. What Jacques Cousteau labeled as The “World’s Aquarium” would be the perfect location to surprise your significant other!

When you show them the sign that reads “Will you marry me? “, make sure they have a full tank of air.

Propose Aboard a Sailboat or Yacht

Rent a sailboat or yacht for a whole day of beach and cove hopping, and when it’s time to propose, stop the craft exactly next to the iconic El Arco or in scenic Santa Maria Bay or Chileno Bay! How could she refuse, especially with the sunset in the background?

A romantic dinner proposal at El Farallon Restaurant

Here in Los Cabos, a proposal over dinner is absolutely fantastic! There are many exquisite restaurants to select from, many of which provide breathtaking views. But the first spot that comes to mind is The Resort at Pedregal’s El Farallon Restaurant. The entire resort is luxurious and captivating, and made more enchanting by the cliffside dining area with tables positioned over the sea and nothing but breathtaking, panoramic vistas surrounding both of you.

Zip-Lining Proposal at Wild Canyon

Try something totally different to make your proposal extraordinary! This proposal is perfect if you and your partner are one of those couples that enjoy trying new things. Wild Canyon, with its own distinctive flora and fauna, truly is an oasis, the ideal fusion of the desert and the sea.

Get on your hands and knees and wait with the ring for your special someone to arrive at the end of the zip line. Then, just watch the magic happen! You’ll see the spectacular meeting of the Pacific and Sea of Cortez as a glimpse of the adventures you and your partner will share in the future.

Suggestions on How to Propose

Tip #1: Don’t wait till the end of your vacation before popping the question! So that you can unwind and enjoy the rest of your trip together, make the proposal early in the holiday.

Tip #2: Work with an expert wedding planner to help you create a memorable marriage proposal that your intended bride won’t soon forget.

Tip #3: Hire a photographer or videographer to document the proposal and the subsequent engagement holiday. Your marriage proposal deserves better than selfies because it is a story you will never get tired of sharing! Take pictures of the proposal in Cabo so you can remember it forever.

Let us make your Los Cabos proposal experience memorable

Are you undecided on where to propose in Cabo San Lucas? That’s no problem. We’ll find (and even book) the best proposal locations Cabo has to offer, so you don’t have to. We can also make recommendations for qualified photographers who are experts in capturing marriage proposals and engagement photography.

Call us toll-free at 1.800.975.5569 for assistance in planning your proposal. We would be delighted to share our passion for Cabo with you.