Cabo San Lucas Must See Hiking Trails

Cabo San Lucas Must See Hiking Trails

In Cabo San Lucas, a stroll along the shore is undoubtedly wonderful, but a hike in the desert is just as incredible. In wintertime, when temperatures are pleasant in the 70s, it is the perfect time to go hiking in the desert. Baja California Sur can be hiked in the summer, although the ideal time to go is early in the morning. Hiking alone can be unsafe, so please organize a trip with other seasoned hikers and get in touch with a hiking agency to arrange for a guided tour.

A trip through the desert will give you the chance to see jack rabbits and other local fauna up close in addition to the stunning rock formations and plants found there. Wear leather boots and make a little noise as you walk because rattlesnakes are not uncommon. Sunscreen, water, and a hat are all necessary.

Cerro de la Z (Easy)

Generally regarded as a moderately difficult trail, this 2.1-km out-and-back hike takes 47 minutes to complete. You’ll have breathtaking 360-degree views of Cabo San Lucas and the northern highlands from the summit.  This route has no covering from the sun so caution and hydration are advised.

Cabo Marina desde Solmar (Easy)

This scenic 5.8-kilometer out-and-back trail starts in front of the Solmar hotel. It will take you all the way around the marina before coming to a finish at El Farito beach. It typically takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to accomplish this route, which is regarded as being easy.

The water and the various ships at the marina will be clearly visible from up there. You can also enjoy watching the sun as it sets over the water. Remember to use sunscreen.

Cerro de las Antenas y Sendero Casasola (Easy)

Beautiful desert trail with some really steep inclines and stone routes is great for running or walking. It will lead you to the summit of Cerro de Las Antenas, where you would enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Cabo San Lucas Bay. It does not have much shade, therefore it is advised to bring enough water to drink. This 5.0-km looped trail is often categorized as simple and takes 1 hour 41 minutes to complete on average.

Playa El Medano (Easy)

This 1.6-km out-and-back trail in Baja California Sur is often rated as an easy hike and takes 19 minutes to complete on average. You can walk or run along this easy, short track in Cabo San Lucas that passes by a few of the beaches that flank the Salto Seco stream. The breathtaking vistas of sunrises and sunsets that turn the sky into a work of art will enchant you.

Circuito a Cerro de la Z (Easy)

This 5.1-km circular trail normally takes 1 hour and 32 minutes to complete. This lovely route meanders through Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, and is great for trail running and mountain biking. It will take you from Callejon del Pacifico to Cerro de la Z through the cobblestone streets. From the summit, you may enjoy stunning views of the ocean and magnificent sunsets that transform the sky into a spectacular artwork.

Cerró de las Torres (Moderate)

This 5.1-km out-and-back hiking trail is a stunning route through the desert that has a moderate climb. You can hike up the trail in Cabo San Lucas to the top of Cerro Colorado. At the end of Via La Paloma street is where it begins. It offers easy to moderate hiking as well as being a wonderful path to ride a sports bike. You may enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree panorama of San Lucas Bay from the summit.

It takes an average of 1 hour, 46 minutes to accomplish this slightly difficult hiking path.

Circuit Cerro de las Antenas y Las Víboras (Moderate)

This lovely 6.9-kilometer looping desert route will lead you up some quite steep inclines. It requires an average of 2 hours and 11 minutes to finish and is typically regarded as a moderately difficult course. This track is perfect for a rigorous run, mountain biking, or a tranquil trek because it is partially a dirt road and partially a mountain bike trail. The Bay of Cabo San Lucas will be visible to you in all its glory. Remain hydrated at all times.

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