How Much Does A Palmilla Cabo Wedding Cost?

The Palmilla resort community in Los Cabos is a dream destination for weddings. At this oceanfront luxury development, you and your significant other can exchange vows with the magnificent Sea of Cortez as your backdrop, then meet your guests at an elegant beach-themed reception. Even high-profile personalities choose to get married here.

A wedding in Palmilla can actually be adjusted according to your budget. Let’s take a look at the average cost of a Palmilla Cabo wedding, and the factors that can increase or decrease it.

Price Range And Average Wedding Cost Of A Palmilla Wedding

In general, a Palmilla Cabo wedding can cost between $20,000 and $180,000. Bear in mind that this price can easily go higher or lower depending on many specifications. Below, we discuss some important wedding considerations that will affect the wedding cost.

Number Of Guests

People may think that a destination wedding, especially in the luxury Palmilla community, is expensive. But the truth is that it can help you cut down expenses by limiting the number of attendees compared to a wedding back home.

Reception size is crucial to your wedding budget. Consider that the price range for a Cabo wedding with 50 to 100 guests is $28,868-$69,780. An additional attendee may incur $339- $465 in additional costs.

Many couples prefer to have an intimate wedding in Cabo, surrounded only by close friends and family whose company they truly enjoy. Keeping your guest list well below 50 people can help you manage the wedding cost to as low as $20,674.

Wedding Venue

The Palmilla area has plenty of specific venues to suit just the kind of wedding you’ve dreamed of. You can have a sunny ceremony right on the beach, surrounded by the glittering blue of the ocean. 

You can say “I do” on a lush green lawn overlooking the sea and surrounded by tropical greenery. 

Or you can have a traditional wedding at a chapel with beautiful and historic Mexican architecture.

Such venues are located within Palmilla’s resorts, hotels, or even villas. All-inclusive resorts in Palmilla are extremely popular as they are considered to provide the best value for your money. A wedding at an all-inclusive resort in Los Cabos may cost about $20,000 to $25,000 for 50 guests.

If you opt to have your wedding at a rental villa, you’ll get more privacy plus so much more freedom in setting up the ceremony and reception. Depending on the property, a villa wedding in Palmilla may cost from $25,000 to $45,000 for 50 guests. 

Know that not all Palmilla villas have wedding packages, so you’ll likely need to prepare an extra budget for staff, equipment, decor, and the like.

If you want to spare no expense, Palmilla has high-end resorts that are fit for VIPs. Apart from providing the finest venues and the most impeccable service, these resorts also indulge you with utmost privacy. They typically hold only one wedding per day so you and your entourage will feel the exclusivity. Their rates are naturally higher, ranging from $65,000 to $85,000 for a 50-guest wedding.

Other Palmilla Cabo Wedding Features

Having your wedding in Palmilla is an opportunity to make it truly memorable with some unique additions. For instance, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage instead of a wedding car to top off the romantic fairytale. You can choose a rental property with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean for a classy reception. And since you’re in a tropical paradise, there are spa services available to pamper you and your entourage.

Ask the resort or villa about these unique features and how much the fees are.

Book Your Palmilla Cabo Wedding Today

We hope this info is helpful in your Palmilla wedding planning! Remember that the rates stated here are general estimates and subject to change. 

It is best to consult with Cabo professionals when creating and budgeting your perfect wedding in Palmilla — call (866) 782-2226 or send us a note to get started. 

Here’s to your “happily ever after”!