Is Cabo nice for a honeymoon?

Is Cabo nice for a honeymoon

What does a honeymoon and Cabo San Lucas have in common? Enchantment! And beguilement and intoxication all at once. Those wonderful and wild and over the top feelings you get when you know you’re getting married. The ones that leave you stunned, astonished, and amazed when you think about your new life ahead. Make your honeymoon as memorable as that magic moment when you say “I do.” 

Come to Cabo San Lucas. Hold hands on Mount Solmar, El Vigía, as you look over the harbor, the waves, the bobbing boats, the dazzling Pacific Ocean. Cabos San Lucas is enchantment. Let that view and a thousand others spin you into that dizzy dream that is a honeymoon, an unforgettable time that should be set in an unforgettable place. Cabos San Lucas is that place. 

Cabo offers everything from sunrise to sunset. And beyond. Unhurried mornings in a luxurious suite, long afternoons with margaritas by the pool, and stunning sunsets which light up Cabo skies. Lounge in an opulent resort or take up water sports if the spirit moves you. 

Why You Should Consider a Cabo Honeymoon

Ease of Access

With numerous major airlines flying straight into San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD), traveling to Cabo from the US is made simple. Even for those traveling from the East Coast, there is often only one stop en route to Cabo San Lucas, making it a little bit simpler for those on the West Coast and in the Southwest as they’re less likely to have a connection.

Relax in Bliss After Your Wedding

You and your partner deserve some pampering after a stressful wedding season, and you undoubtedly want a seaside vacation where all you do is order drinks and laze by the pool.

In Cabo, you may experience the kind of lavish and sophisticated resorts that honeymooners only dream about. You may relax in your own private infinity pool while floating bartenders serve your fruit skewers and margaritas.

Consider treating yourself while lying side-by-side on adjacent massage tables. Enjoy a facial or massage, and allow yourself to enjoy a laid-back pace of life. For a localized and distinctive experience, Cabo spas frequently provide holistic treatments influenced by the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

Fantastic New Adventures

A honeymoon involves more than just unwinding! Los Cabos is the location you’ve been looking for if you and your spouse are thrill-seeking newlyweds who refuse to simply sip pina coladas on the beach for days on end.

Cabo is the perfect location for honeymooning couples since activities appeal to all kinds of guests. Couples who love the ocean can enjoy its delights through snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Activities abound in Cabo San Lucas for couples craving for speed. That includes  ziplining and ATV racing, which will give you an adrenaline boost as you ascend to breathtaking views of the desert and sea.

Ideal Venue for Souvenir Hunters

You’ll want to buy some souvenirs when your trip comes to an end so you may keep them as a memento of your Cabo San Lucas honeymoon. Your home will always be decorated with authentic Mexican ceramics or artwork, which will bring back memories of Cabo’s culture-rich locations. Pick up some chocolates or salsas, and the flavors will instantly take you back to your romantic getaway with your spouse.

Sunset Dinners for Two

As you toast to your “I dos,” a mariachi band and the ocean waves will serenade you as you enjoy a private oceanside dinner for two. Surrounded by the splendor of the best honeymoon resort, enjoy gourmet seafood and exquisite cuts while sharing a bottle of wine.

Ask your hotel to assist you in planning a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht, one of Cabo San Lucas’ most romantic attractions, for added romance during your stay. It’s difficult to find something more beautiful or attractive than the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

A safe and tourist-friendly destination

Cabo welcomes tourists. English is widely spoken by locals and those working in the hospitality sector, and American currencies are accepted at many establishments.

The Best Seasons to Go on a Cabo Honeymoon

You will spend your honeymoon with your new spouse in a warm-weather location that combines leisure and adventure. There aren’t many cool days in Cabo due to its tropical desert environment. After the rainy season of August and September has passed, most honeymooners prefer to travel in the late spring (May to June) or late fall (October to November). Although it’s possible to visit in the winter, if you’re used to 90-degree weather, a cool 80-degree day might not be enough for you.

The perfect time to watch humpback whales is between December and April. When they make their yearly migration, they are attracted to Cabo’s calm waters.

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