Is Pedregal Cabo Safe?

Los Cabos is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of tourists annually. But after a travel warning a few years ago, some decided to avoid the area, questioning its safety. 

So is Pedregal Cabo a safe place to travel now? Yes. 

Here’s what they’ve done to improve safety in Pedregal.  

Safety Improvements at Pedregal

Since this travel scare, the Los Cabos Tourism Board and businesses have been working with law enforcement to enhance security, including: 

  • Upgrading security infrastructure 
  • Adding more security personnel 
  • New training for security personnel  
  • United public and private sectors 
  • Rapid response system connecting businesses  
  • Expanded camera networks 
  • New intelligence center 

Crime still exists, but mostly it’s unrelated to tourists staying in communities like Pedregal Villas

Although safety has vastly improved in the Los Cabos area, all travellers should practice standard safety precautions.

In addition, they should check the Mexico Travel Advisory for tourist updates.

Safety Tips for Staying in Pedregal Cabo


Pedregal is a Forbes Five-Star Resort within a private 24-acre blissful location. Despite the safe ambiance and security, travelers are still advised to lock the doors and put away valuables.

Don’t walk around alone at night, and ask the staff where the safest places are to tour. 

Beach safety is another potential concern. Some waters are left open to strong waves and violent crosscurrents which are fatal even to expert swimmers. Travellers should pay attention to beach warning signs, and check with the locals about the best places to swim. 

Ask your travel agent or hotel in advance if the beach you’re going to is swimmable. 

Some excellent and safe beaches include: 

  1. Lover’s Beach – can be accessed by water taxi, kayak or by climbing over the rock-strewn hummocks from Solmar Beach
  2. Medano Beach – an extended expanse situated at km 0.5 to km 1.5
  3. Playa Santa Maria – excellent for scuba diving and swimming located at km 12.5
  4. Playa Chileno – very good for snorkelling
  5. Playa Palmilla found at km 27
  6. Tequila Cove/Playa Bledito/Hilton Cove – located at km 19


Count on Safety and Comfort at Pedregal Cabo

Home to some of the most gorgeous homes, stunning golf courses, and incredible views of the Sea of Cortez, Pedregal is a remarkable destination in the Los Cabos area. 

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