Palmilla Cabo Real Estate Guide & Tips

Palmilla Cabo Real Estate Guide Tips

Looking for a magnificent waterfront house in an opulent resort neighborhood? Look no further. Some of the most luxurious residences on the planet are in Palmilla.

The unique gated community in Palmilla boasts all the features and facilities one could ask for in a home by the sea. Due to their success as holiday rental homes, these houses also make great real estate investments.

Investing in Palmilla Real Estate

Homes in the Palmilla community are a good choice if you’re searching for an excellent area to invest. These properties include superb architecture and landscaping in addition to first-rate facilities. Complete with pools, spas, outdoor living areas, and gourmet kitchens, you won’t find another unspoiled community of this kind anywhere else. It’s a wise investment opportunity because it’s close to some of the most pristine beaches on earth.

Any of the luxury villas in Palmilla’s Villas del Mar neighborhood, Palmilla Norte, or Palmilla Caleta, which is separated into multiple other exclusive communities, might be your home in Cabo.

For both domestic and international homebuyers, below are a sample of the type of desirable properties in the affluent Palmilla neighborhood at are/were available at the time of writing this blog post.

Reserva A-1 La Montaña 1, San Jose Corridor

The 16 villas at Reserva at La Montaña, which are part of the Palmilla Development and the upscale Del Mar Los Cabos community, are the pinnacle of casual luxury and are comparable to the best resorts in the world.

The 1,000-acre Palmilla Development is a master planned community that includes a collection of gorgeous houses and homesites tucked along the beach and sculpted into the hillsides above, complemented by unmatched community facilities and services.

$3,575,000 USD

Type: Residential, 3 Beds 3 Baths

Area: 4,746.88 sq ft

Neighborhood: Villas del Mar

Villas del Mar Legado 7, San Jose Corridor, BCS

This location, along the high ridge of Legado in La Montana, offers views of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains and the Sea of Cortez in opposite directions. With unlimited indoor-outdoor living in mind, a six-bedroom house with maid’s quarters is constructed on this spacious 22,865 square foot lot.


Type: Single Family Residential, 6 Beds 7.5 Baths

Area: 10,975 SqFt

Lot Size: (approx.):22,865 sq ft / 0.52 acres

Neighborhood: Villas del Mar

Lot 28 Palmilla Estates Casa Kylee San Jose Corridor BCS

With outstanding golf course and ocean views, this new luxury residence will be located on the tee box of hole #8 on the Palmilla Estates gated subdivision’s Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course. You can easily get to the golf clubhouse, the Palmilla shops, and one of the best and most swimmable beaches in the Baja by walking, taking your golf cart, or simply watching the players tee off if you prefer.


Type: Single Family Residential, 4 Beds 4.5 Baths

Area: 5,488 SqFt

Lot Size: (approx.): 17,284 sq ft / 0.40 acres

Neighborhood: Palmilla Estates

Casita 6 Villas del Mar, San Jose Corridor, Los Cabos, BCS

Casita 6 at Villas Del Mar is tucked away along a hillside and boasts stunning 180-degree views of the Sea of Cortez. The house was recently renovated to combine the iconic Del Mar Casita architecture with clean, modern design, and it now has lovely bespoke furniture and bright colors all around. Casita 6 is one of Villas Del Mar’s most distinctive and enticing private getaways because to its exquisite but beachy charm.


Type: Single Family Residential, 3 Beds 3 Baths

Area: 5,242.02 sq ft

Neighborhood: Villas del Mar

Las Residencias 5 San Jose Corridor BCS

DelMar Development’s Las Residencias is a brand-new housing estate in the Espiritu DelMar Community. It has some of the nicest views of the whole area and is perched high on the slope of the Espiritu Mountain. There are six separate residences, each with a view of the Palmilla Bay beach (certified Blue Flag), the San Jose shoreline, and the sparkling city lights farther away. It is anticipated that this will be the last of its kind to provide such breathtaking views.


Type: Single Family Residential, 4 Beds 4.5 Baths

Area: 4,227 SqFt

Lot Size: (approx.): 6,047 sq ft / 0.14 acres

Neighborhood: Espiritu del Mar

Las Residencias 6 San Jose Corridor BCS

Las Residencias is a brand-new housing subdivision from DelMar Development in the Espiritu Del Mar neighborhood. It provides some of the loveliest views of the entire neighborhood and is perched high on the slope of the Espiritu Mountain. The 3,773 square feet and breathtaking vistas that characterize each property at Las Residencias are enhanced by the architectural style, which combines traditional and modern features.


Type: Single Family Residential, 3 Bed 3.5 Baths

Area: 3,773 SqFt

Lot Size: (approx.): 5,746 sq ft / 0.13 acres

Neighborhood: Espiritu del Mar

Lote 14 – Oceano Bajas San Jose Corridor BCS

This property in Palmilla’s Oceanside community provides top value. You don’t have to worry about building your ideal home from scratch as fully-approved plans for a gorgeous and contemporary five-bedroom house have already been done for you! Plans include structural, architectural, plumbing, and electrical specifications. Simply hire a builder and begin construction on your ideal home.


Type Land

Lot Size: (approx.): 13,104 sq ft / 0.30 acres

Neighborhood: Oceano Baja

Palmilla Estates 03 San Jose Corridor, BCS

This property in Palmilla Estates has excellent views of the golf course. The price includes authorized blueprints for a contemporary 4-bedroom house; you may begin construction on your ideal home right now! The architectural, structural, electrical, and plumbing designs are all included, so all you need is a contractor to get started on your ideal home.


Type: Land

Lot Size: (approx.): 8,646 sq ft / 0.20 acres

Neighborhood: Palmilla Estates

Palmilla Home Buyers Guide and Tips

Purchasing a property should be enjoyable, not stressful. Acquiring a house takes time, but finding the ideal home for you might take much longer. Make a list of the items and conveniences that are essential to you to have in your house. Prepare by making a list of musts and wants.

Locate a real estate agent

It is vital that the agent you select is both knowledgeable and a good fit for your personality. Palmilla Luxury Villas’ experienced team of professionals is ready to assist you in making Palmilla your new home.

Don’t take long to decide

If you find your desired house, don’t attempt to second-guess it by waiting any longer. The investment and demand for luxury real estate in Palmilla continues to skyrocket, and a decent home may not last long on the market.

Don’t solicit too many opinions

Too many suggestions from too many individuals will almost always make it difficult for you to make a conclusion. Concentrate on your family’s current and future demands and requirements.

No house is ever perfect

Buy a house because you adore it. Being a pleasant, secure place to live is a home’s most important function. List your top priorities and concentrate on the things that matter most to you. Let go of the unessential ones.

Avoid trying to be a ruthless negotiator

Real estate transactions often involve negotiations, but attempting to “win” by standing your ground may result in you losing the house you really want.

Your house doesn’t exist in a vacuum

Don’t be too engaged with the physical features of the home itself, such as room size and kitchen layout. Keep in mind that your quality of life is also influenced by noise level, proximity to facilities, and a variety of other factors.

Many Los Cabos properties don’t have financing

Get your finances in order before you look for a house and make an offer. Offering a deal that has several unresolved conditions can make your offer considerably less appealing to sellers.

Recall your reasons for purchasing a Cabo residence

Keep in mind the reasons you wanted to own a house, as well as what drew you to Cabo and the property you bought.

This Palmilla community is dotted with gated neighborhoods and exclusive beach clubs. Combining upscale ambience along with fine dining, a deluxe spa and fitness center, trendy eateries, and a kids-only club for teenagers, Palmilla is one of Los Cabos’ special treasures.

It’s time to call Palmilla your Home

We want you to experience the luxurious Palmilla way of life. Let us assist you in locating the ideal property you can call home.

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