What To Pack For Cabo – Cabo Packing Checklist

Cabo Packing Checklist

The sister cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo compose Los Cabos, or Cabo, a resort corridor known worldwide for its sparkling beaches, delicious local cuisine, natural wonders, and energetic nightlife. If you’re planning a Cabo vacation (which you must), here’s a checklist of essential things to pack before you leave.

Always bring your passport and Mexican Tourist Card. Don’t lose your Mexican Tourist Card as you’ll need it for your return trip home.

Neck Wallet
To ensure the safety of your items while you’re out and about in Cabo, use a neck wallet. You can wear it around your neck or sling it over your shoulder. It’s large enough to carry your wallet, passport, phone, and other documents and keep them organized.

Cabo is blessed with abundant sunshine. Whether you’re getting a tan at your private pool or soaking up the sun on one of Cabo’s exclusive beaches, remember to pack sunscreen that has a high SPF level. Though, you can always buy some when you arrive if you forget.

Aloe Vera
If you do get a sunburn, you can soothe it with Aloe Vera, a natural remedy. Its moisturizing properties hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, as well as provide protection from various microbial infections.

Comfortable Walking and Athletic Shoes
Cabo streets are rocky and uneven in some areas. If you plan to do a lot of touring on foot, make sure you bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. If you plan to hike Fox Canyon or go up Mount Solmar, don’t forget to pack a pair of hiking shoes.

Waterproof cameraWaterproof Camera
A camera is the perfect way to capture your favorite Cabo moments with family or friends. Choose a sturdy waterproof camera so that you can bring it on a whale-watching adventure, kayaking trip, snorkeling, or any place your vacation takes you.

Portable Charger
Your mobile phone can run out of battery when you need it most. However, when you bring a portable charger, there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily slip the external battery into your daypack or purse to keep your phone constantly powered up.

Depending on how long you stay in Cabo, pack at least two swimsuits. You’ll have a dry one to wear while your wet one is drying.

Bring something to cover up with or a kaftan to wear over your swimsuit as you stroll on the beach, grab a bite to eat, or take a boat ride. A light sarong will not only protect you from the sun’s rays but will also be helpful when you’re out on a chilly night.

Broad-brimmed hatBroad-brimmed Hat
A broad-brimmed hat can provide good sun protection, particularly if you have fair skin. Children wearing a sun hat will avoid sunburns and overheating. You can bring them when you’re going swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding.

Gorgeous Evening Attire
You may want to go out for a nice dinner or explore what’s happening at the bar scene. Come prepared with a stylish outfit that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is suitable for the balmy Mexican weather.

Activated Charcoal Pills
While all restaurants and resorts in Cabo serve purified water, you could still get an upset stomach from unsafe sources of drinking water. Activated charcoal pills should be within reach for this kind of stomach trouble.

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