When is Rainy Season in Cabo?

Rainy Season in Cabo

The popular resort city of Cabo San Lucas, better known as Cabo, lies at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Sur. Cabo’s weather is perfect for travelers who enjoy lots of sun since this vacation paradise is in a region known as the dry tropics. 

Cabo experiences occasional rain and enjoys sunny weather, which remains relatively pleasant nearly all year round. If sun-kissed beaches, outstanding local cuisine, breathtaking natural sceneries, and balmy tropical weather are your cup of tea, then you can’t get much closer to paradise than Cabo.

Rainy Season in Cabo

Rainy Season in Cabo San LucasRainy weather lasts from July to October in Cabo, the same time of year as Mexico’s hurricane season. The majority of the rain falls in September. It doesn’t rain every day, though it is hot and balmy. On average, it rains four times throughout the month for a total of 3.75 inches of rainfall.

On the rare occasion that hurricanes hit the city, they usually do so between August and October. Hurricanes seldom occur in Cabo, but it’s something to consider when you schedule your visit.

If you plan your vacation during hurricane season, there are a few benefits. Hotels are less crowded and have lower rates for their rooms, and local attractions are more accessible. What’s more, you’ll find great travel deals that include room upgrades and various discounts.

Keep up to date with weather alerts before you leave for Cabo so you’ll be informed of any tropical disturbances occurring in the area and make changes in your plans if needed. In addition, purchasing travel insurance will ensure you’re reimbursed in case you have to cancel your trip.

What is the average temperature in Cabo throughout the year?

The summer and early autumn months have hotter average temperatures hovering around 90 degrees F; evening lows in the mid-70’s offer some respite. Pleasant winter temperatures in the city reach highs of around 80 degrees F and lows that may require you to wear a light jacket.

August is generally the hottest month in Cabo, while the last days of January and the first few days of February tend to be the coolest time. Naturally, as in other places in Mexico, there’s the occasional weather blip you might experience. However, all in all, the weather in Cabo is truly fantastic.

Cabo waters have comfortably warm temperatures nearly the whole year, although they’re at their warmest in July to the beginning of November.

When is the best time to visit Cabo?

Best Time to Visit CaboIt’s best to come to Cabo from May to June when snowbirds and wintertime visitors have left and the rainy season is yet to arrive. Visiting Cabo in October and November is also great, but you’ll have to start looking for accommodations early due to room discounts.

The beach may not be the only reason for a Cabo vacation. If you intend to go whale-watching, visiting between mid-December and mid-April is ideal.

If fishing is your thing, plan to come in late summer or fall. Don’t forget, though, that mid-May to November is the Pacific hurricane season. While Cabo mostly gets tropical rainstorms, hurricanes have also made landfall during this season.

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