Best Wine Tasting Tours in Cabo San Lucas

Mexico has a rich wine history. Grapes were initially cultivated here by the Spanish in the 16th century. A full or half-day wine tasting tour in Cabo San Lucas provides the excellent opportunity to participate in a wine tasting and winemaking class given by expert sommeliers who impart a wealth of knowledge about the history of winemaking in Cabo.

Some tours may include visits to Cabo San Lucas wineries, as well as pairings of superb wines from various vineyards with delicious snacks.

Popular Winery and Wine Tasting Tours in Cabo San Lucas

Jazz and Wine Sunset 

Cruise the Los Cabos shoreline as you are treated to a premium open bar, appetizers, and a soft jazz soundtrack. Enjoy your favorite drink or snack while admiring the splendor of Cabo San Lucas Bay and the renowned arch at Land’s End. On a stylish and spacious catamaran, cruise by Lover’s Beach, Land’s End, and the Sea Lion Colony. Enjoy the views of tropical waters, stunning rock formations, and spectacular Cabo sunsets.

To make the most of this romantic and relaxed evening, take advantage of complimentary pickup and drop-off from your hotel.

Mezcal Tasting and Cocktail Class

You’ll be taken to Vas Que Vuelas Mezcaleria, a real mezcal bar that offers over 50 brands, as well as their own labels of Mezcal. The class begins with a description of how mezcal is manufactured.

A tasting of three types of mezcals follows, where each mezcal is made from a different agave plant or from different places within Mexico. You’ll be able to sample the different flavors and notes of each plant and the region where it grows.

After the tasting, you’ll have a quick lesson on how to make a fantastic mezcal cocktail (which you can also enjoy!). The whole event takes approximately 90 minutes, and you’ll leave delighted and more informed about mezcal and other Mexican drinks. 

Wine Tasting and Winemaking Tour at Grand Solmar

Attend Sommelier José Martnez Cáceres’ Winemaking and Wine Tasting Class and become a part of a unique experience! The sound of ocean waves breaking on the shore below provides the perfect backdrop for this event, which is held on the terrace of Don Luis Restaurant at the Grand Solmar Resort.

Learn about the history of grape production in Mexico, as well as the origins of the grape varietals used in the five wines included in the tasting. Each wine is paired with a different culinary item. Widely recommended for anyone who enjoys or is interested in learning about wine and wine pairings. 

Tequila Tasting in Cabo San Lucas

This tour will treat you to a wide selection of Mexico’s most delectable spirits, including tequila, mezcal, sotol, and wine. Don’t miss out on their flavored tequilas! Learn how to make tequila and mezcal in a fun and creative way. Discover the history, passion, and artistry that go with this industry.

Auberge Resorts Mezcal Tasting Class

In this event, mezcal connoisseurs lead you on a tasting journey that explores not just the differences between mezcal and tequila, but also the variations of the agave spirit across Mexico. After that, sample professionally mixed drinks and food pairings with traditional Oaxaca and Guerrero cuisines.  

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