Cabo Party Boat Rental Reviews

Cabo Party Boat Rentals

The most fun, unforgettable parties happen in Los Cabos, especially on Cabo party boats! Whether you want a classy dinner cruise or a wild night of dancing, there are plenty of Cabo yachts and powerboats you can rent. Here’s your guide on how party boat rentals work, how much they cost, and what previous clients say about party boat rental companies in Cabo.

What You Can Do on a Cabo Party Boat

Various events and special occasions can be hosted on a rental boat. Impress your guests, enjoy good food, get a tan in a world-class destination, or dance the night away! In Los Cabos, boats and yachts are often the venues of:

  • Private romantic dinners
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Booze cruises
  • Weddings
  • Fishing excursions
  • Graduation parties
  • Corporate retreats
  • Sightseeing and tours

How to rent a party boat in Los Cabos

You can easily charter a boat or yacht in Cabo by calling any of the boat rental companies in the area or booking via their website.

A typical boat rental company may offer a selection of vessels, each equipped with entertainment equipment, cooking and dining facilities, and snorkeling and diving gear. Boat charters also typically include a full crew with a captain.

Boat rentals charge by the hour with a specific minimum number of hours.

The Cabo party scene is always bustling, so you’ll want to book your boat rental well in advance. If you need help finding a boat to charter, you may get assistance from your travel agency.

Choosing a Cabo Party Boat

When looking for a boat to rent in Cabo, you’ll find various boat types such as yachts and catamarans. What’s the difference? In a nutshell, a yacht has one hull (point of contact with the water) while a catamaran has two. This means that catamarans offer a smoother sailing experience, though yachts are associated more with luxury and exclusivity.

Consider these major factors when choosing a Cabo party boat:

  • Size. How big is your party? Some boats accommodate two to four guests for utter privacy, while others can carry hundreds of partygoers.
  • Staff and crew. What onboard services do you need? Rentals may include a chef or cook, a bartender, tour guides, and other staff. Don’t forget to request a licensed captain if you have no sailing license.
  • Amenities. Choose a boat whose facilities suit your special event. For a lively party, you’ll definitely want a boat with a sound system and a bar package. But if you’re doing a more refined cruise — such as for an engagement dinner or an anniversary trip – see that your boat has an elegant dining area and menu. In addition, if you want to sail overnight, check that the boat has a well-appointed cabin or stateroom.
  • Itinerary. Where do you want to cruise? The beautiful Sea of Cortez envelops Los Cabos, but you may want to choose specific spots for snorkeling, whale-watching, or visiting the picture-perfect El Arco rock arch.
  • Your budget. Boat rental rates depend on the size, facilities, and trip inclusions. Check the rental company’s packages to see if you can get more value for your money.

Cabo Party Boat Rental Prices

There’s a wide price range for rental boats in Cabo, so you can find one that fits your budget and preferences. To give you an idea of Los Cabos boat rental rates:

  • An exclusive 32-foot catamaran that can carry up to 12 passengers may start at US $160 per hour for a minimum of three hours.
  • A 60-foot cruiser yacht meant for up to 10 people may be rented for US $595 and upwards per hour for a three-hour minimum.
  • A 55-foot power sailboat with a 30-person capacity may be rented at US $1,000 per hour for a minimum of three hours.
  • A luxury catamaran that can carry up to 50 people may be chartered at US $1,200 per hour for a minimum of three hours.

Custom inclusions and itineraries entail additional fees. Don’t hesitate to talk to the rental manager about your must-haves and must-sees.

Alternatively, if you want to join a huge boat party in Cabo instead of renting a boat of your own, you can look up public party cruises, which charge per person instead of per hour. Some of these Cabo party cruises can be as large as 250 people or more!

Cabo Party Boat Rental Ratings and Reviews

These are some boat rental and cruise companies in Los Cabos that customers have reviewed.

Pelican Cabo

The “Pelican Cabo” is a luxury cruise ship with two deck levels and a 50-guest capacity. It’s a modular vessel, which means they can customize the floor plan to suit a variety of occasions. Its charters are only during daytime and sunset, lasting two to three and a half hours each.

Previous guests on the Pelican have given top ratings. They particularly enjoyed the onboard menu and staff, as well as activities such as snorkeling and whale-watching.

Mai Tai Charters

This international company offers a selection of yachts in Cabo San Lucas, with capacities ranging from six to 100 passengers. Each charter is fully crewed and can be customized for the occasion. They also have food and drink packages to add to your trip.

While relatively new in Cabo, the company has a solid presence in San Diego, where former customers highly recommend it. They especially compliment the staff and crew of each boat for the fantastic service.

Lands End Charters

Originally started by a Baja California family for sportfishing, this boat rental company has grown its fleet to include luxury yacht charters. Their boats range from 28-foot pontoons to 130-foot tri-deck yachts. With charters ranging from two hours to a full day, their luxury vessels include a crew, chef, and plush overnight cabins.

This company is one of the more well-known boat rentals in Cabo San Lucas. They are primarily reviewed for fishing trips, but their yacht charters also get high ratings from vacationers. Customers especially love the friendly staff service and the excellent onboard food.

Los Cabos Pirates

This unique pirate-themed tour company has two boats — the Buccaneer Queen and the Cabo Legend. Each is outfitted like a pirate ship with a matching crew, BBQ menu, and pirate show. The company offers daily public cruises, but the boats can also be rented for a private charter.

Past customers of this company loved their tours. The daytime snorkeling and whale-watching tours are child-friendly and suited for families, while the sundown party tours are for fun-loving adults.

Los Gringos Charter

With a large fleet, this Cabo boat charter company caters to everything from luxury yacht trips to fishing charters to tournaments. Its private charters range from 40 to over 100 feet and can go on three-hour sailing, overnight cruises, or long-range trips. They offer an option to rent only a bare boat or have it fully staffed with a sailing crew and even a professional photographer.

Customers give high praise to the company’s boat crew for their professional service, especially for fishing tours.

Solis Yacht Rentals

Each vessel of this luxury rental company is well-decorated for pleasure cruises. Their boat sizes range from 32 to 100 feet, with the bigger ones equipped with cabins for overnight or week-long charters. More affordable options are four-hour and full-day cruises, which also include chef-prepared meals.

The company has received excellent reviews from past customers, especially for their staff service and freshly prepared food.

Cabo San Lucas Tours

One of the most well-known tour companies in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas Tours offers a wide selection of private party boats ranging from six to 250 passengers. They have suggested itineraries for dinners, snorkeling, and whale-watching but also accept customized cruises.

Rated by over 1,000 customers, the company has garnered mixed reviews. Some clients enjoyed their exclusive sunset cruises and boat parties, while others wanted more professionalism from the staff.

Seashine Yacht Adventures

This boat rental company currently has four luxury boats, with sizes from 30 to 62 feet. Each vessel comes with its own crew, onboard meals, unlimited bar, and water sports equipment. The company also boasts of straightforward pricing with no hidden fees plus a money-back guarantee.

Seashine Yachts has stellar ratings from Cabo vacationers. They love the welcoming customer service, restaurant-quality food, and the smooth experience of snorkeling and sightseeing.

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