What does a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas Cost?


Cabo San Lucas is a premier luxury getaway for tourists from the Americas and over the world. 

The well-known vacation locale offers an ideal combination of pristine beauty and fun activities that tourists simply can’t get enough of in a short visit.

As a growing number of travelers find private jets a safer option, charter flights going to Cabo have become as popular as flying commercial.

Starting your vacation flying by private jet can make your experience even better. The awe-inspiring aerial view of your approach to Cabo San Lucas alone is worth the price.

Why Travel by Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas?

Travel-by-Private-Jet-to-Cabo-San-LucasJet charters can fly you privately to and from Cabo San Lucas anytime without the inconveniences of commercial air travel. You can be up in the clouds in as little as four hours if you’re flying from the United States.

Jet charters offer you a choice of luxury planes to suit your flight preferences such as smoking in the cabin or traveling with pets. Selecting the right aircraft for your private jet charter depends mostly on the total number of passengers, the amount of luggage, non-stop travel distance, and the minimum runway length required.

Which Airports are Available in Cabo San Lucas for Private Jet Flights?

Los Cabos has two main airports – Los Cabos International Airport (MMSD, SJD) and Cabo San Lucas International Airport (MMSL, CSL). Though both airports are operational, most private jet flights prefer to land at Los Cabos International Airport.

Depending on your Cabo destination, either one may be more appropriate for your trip. Your flight advisor can discuss which airport is most convenient for you.

Learn more about our private transportation options to and from the airport. 

How Much Does a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas Cost?

How-Much-Does-a-Private-Jet-to-Cabo-San-Lucas-CostHere are a few example routes for private jet flights into Cabo San Lucas.

Every private jet trip is a unique situation so pricing for a specific trip can vary due to different factors. The prices shown below are ballpark figures and cannot be guaranteed for any given flight.

 From San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas

Light Jet (7-8 pax) starting at $16,500 (one way)

From Houston to Cabo San Lucas to Houston

Large Jet (13 pax) starting at $90,000 (4-day round trip)

From Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas

Light Jet (6-8 pax) starting at $13,500 (one way)

From Mexico City to Los Cabos

Midsize Jet (8 pax) starting at $16,000 (one way)

From Dallas to Cabo San Lucas

Light Jet (6-7 pax) starting at $9,500 (one way) 

From Chicago to Los Cabos     

Super Light Jet (7-8 pax) starting at $15,000 (one way)

From New York City to Cabo San Lucas to New York City

Midsize Jet (8 pax) starting at $65,000 (7-day round trip)

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